Monday, February 21, 2011

animation reel, finally!

[2012 UPDATE: If you wish to see this version of my animation reel, the password is "reel2010". Please note that this is NOT the current version of my animation demo reel. Please see the Videos page of this blog for my most recent reels. Thank you!]

I've finally put together an animation reel now that my student film, Dissonance, is done. This is my first edit, including shots from both Dissonance and Bhava Raga Tala, that my teachers liked the best.

Although, both my teachers have suggested that I should just send in my complete films for internships instead of chopping them off into a reel. Either way, comments are welcome!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the winter swan song

Two weeks until Dissonance is officially due. I have three small shots left to animate, and then all I need to do is fix the flickering from Final Gathering and get the final soundtrack from my sound designer.

I uploaded a more recent version of my Technical Direction Demoreel to Vimeo. You could also just look two posts down to take a look at it. Feedback is welcome! I'm not too proud of the Mr. Bean caricature, but without that, I don't have any deformable models to show, since the robot character is not really a "traditional" character model.

Also, just to update on other school stuff, here's my rough animation on 4's for a class:
The lip synch is not in there yet.