Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lighting Reel 2011

Current lighting reel! I'll add my thesis shots as and when I complete them.

1) Group Project with Paul W. Gerla during the Summer Pixar Undergraduate Program (2011). We had to come up with a short, two-shot narrative. I was responsible for the lighting, set-dressing, layout, some of the modeling as well helping develop the concept and design of the piece. Paul was responsible for modeling, shading as well as the fog-effect. 

Time taken for all aspects of the visuals: 5 days. Rendered using Renderman.
2)Lighting from Reference: a one-day exercise during the Pixar Undergraduate Program. Rendered using Renderman.
3)Final Compositing Project for a school Lighting Class. I worked with a photography student, Jami Ann Plekon. We planned the concept together and set up the lights in the photoshoot. I then built the CG cage to be composited into the photograph. Rendered using mental ray. Time taken: 5 days
4)Final project during the Pixar Undergraduate Program. I was responsible for changing the time of day from the original shot in Toy Story 3- from day to night. All the lights from the shot file were removed except for the default character light rigs. I was responsible for all the lighting. Everything else was created by Pixar. Time taken: 10 days. Rendered using Renderman.
(I chose this shot for its level of complexity: it has both a main human and toy character and the focus shifts from one to the other during the shot. In addition, there are several props, toys with fur, and a human with sub-surface scattering. I also wanted to challenge myself by trying to light a playtime scene at night while still keeping it friendly and warm. I took the liberty of cheating a night-light screen left, which was not there in the original film)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Acting for Animation

Blocking progress for my acting for animation final assignment:

And heeree is a very flattering video of me acting. I'm not very good at being angry usually so this was a bit challenging. I was feeling pretty weird... the end of the day after doing a billion takes of this!!