Saturday, September 20, 2014


Here's my submission to the latest bi-monthly Loop de Loop challenge. This time's theme is childhood.
Animated in TVPaint; music: 'Carefree' by Kevin MacLeod. Still waiting to hear back on whether or not this will be shown in their gallery, but here it is for the rest of you to see! Haven't animated in a while, so this was a fun, quick thing to do :)

Some recent figure drawings...

Lunchtime figure drawings at work + local drop-in classes in Palo Alto.

Also crossed off an item from my bucket-list recently, and performed spoke work poetry at a local art show, Ups, Downs, and Changes. My piece was titled "The Teachings of my Tears". More info on that later...

Wow, this blog is barren!

Don't worry! I've been upto stuff!

Since my last post, I have tetris-ed all my belongings into my modest Nissan Sentra and driven cross-country with my Dad. On the way, drove over a mountain rock in the middle of the night in Colorado on I-70, busted my front-left tire. Waited for the AAA truck to suffer the same fate, and the next one to come rescue us. First time in my life I have ridden in a car riding on a truck, in Colorado. As depressing as it was, the snow-capped mountains illuminated by the moonlight were gorgeous (in a frightening kind of way). We un-tetrised my belongings from my poor Sentra at a hotel parking lot while it snowed and sleeted and sent the car off to be fixed. Three nights (and several back-to-back reruns of Full House) later, we were out of Denver and on our way to toasty California.

Arrived in the Bay Area safe and sound (with emptier 'pockets' than anticipated) on April 17th. I've been working for the Lighting department at PDI | DreamWorks Animation Studios for about 5 months now. Yay! Working on the feature film, B.O.O.

More updates to come!