Monday, February 15, 2010

Wrap Wrap Wrap

This week right here, so cunningly called week 10... It means it's time to take a deep breath and spew out your best (hopefully) one last time before crashing.

Projects I have to get done by the end of this week include finishing a 90 second music video- of which I have 70 not-so-brilliant seconds done. It's just that I'm trying to experiment with a fairly minimalistic style, but I keep getting pulled back by my urge to make things look realistic. I still haven't learned to let go in one direction and... push it. Oh, and I have to use both Flash and After Effects together for it.

Then there's my 2D design project which involves lots and lots of Bengali writing practice for me :) I'm making a composition of a very significant bridge in my life out of Bengali script in various sizes. And all of the text is taken from letters I've got from my parents and gramma since college started. It's supposed to be a self-portrait.

And then there's 3D -acting to a monologue without lip sync. I'm done for the most part with that, just need some critique on it before I submit.

And then there's Ethics. And running after teachers for recommendation letters, begging some of them to return artwork from previous quarters, &c &c.

This is going to be my first school break away from home. But I don't think it should be that bad considering the amount of work I have to get done towards my internship applications (read: FINISH!) and then plan for my first big project next quarter. It's intimidating!

Anywho, I don't have works in progress right now, but here's my first 2D design project dealing with lines, which I finally managed to get back from my teacher.

I believe the dimensions are 10"x40". We had to make a "drawing" out of wire then take pictures of it from different angles and print them out. This was followed by 3 weeks of meticulous cutting with X-Acto knives. And exploring of ideas. And "getting lost and found". And whatnot. We had to cut out the pictures of the wires, for the most part getting rid of the negative spaces, but in some cases keeping them (like for the ones at the bottom of my piece). I had two wire structures I worked from. I had all my cut outs in those transparent folder envelope thingies and it wasn't until much later that I realized how beautiful the pieces looked just overlapped and lying randomly on top of each other in the folders. So I decided to go on with that and keep cutting and cutting until I got this. I struggled on it, but it turned out nice..

Yeah so..imuna get back to wrapping up this quarter now.


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