Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm starting to get the hang of gesture drawing! And even if I can't do it right until a couple of hours into practicing, I love it! And I've actually gained the courage to draw as life happens, instead of wishing to pause life for me.

It's an awesome feeling! I wish I had gesture drawing classes more than once a week.

As for 3D modeling, I'm getting the hang of it too, I think. But it's too soon to say. I modeled a candle on a candle stand (with wax and all!) and then a bowl of fruit. I did the candle twice. First time I did it, I felt satisfied with it. But after days of thinking over it, I realized it probably wasn't the most "efficient" candle. If you clicked on it, you'd get a heart-attack with the number of isoparms and CVs (it feels so good to know what those words are!! >.<

I'm reading The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby. It's... for lack of better words- sad. And the thoughts he has are thoughts I can relate to, even if anything that drastic has never ever happened to me, and hopefully never will. But being able to recognize what he means, the small things that come up in his mind, made me moist-eyed. It's just the way I am- I know emotional complexities without ever experiencing them. My scriptwriting teacher told me I have an "ability of delving into the human condition in a way that is older than my years". I'm not showing off, just saying.

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