Thursday, March 11, 2010


First times are the scariest. First week of school, first class, first big project, first time with a new language, firsts, firsts firsts.

So my first week is over. Relief? I'm not sure yet. Nine weeks left to finish my one-quarter project. Treatments and storyboards/visual displays due next week. Then the animation begins I suppose. It's scary to think that one week's gone from the 10 weeks we get. And it's technically not even 10 weeks. Because by weeks, what I really mean is weekends- how much can you get done during the weekday with classes? Films are due for screenings Friday of Week 10. So for all practical purposes, we get 9 weekends to work on this, one of which is almost over. 8 weekends. Heh.

But the ideating is the most important step (and the hardest step for me). I realized that. I struggle during the pre-planning stage. I set realistic goals after all that's done. But the planning bit gives me a heart attack, and it takes me a while to start believing in my idea. That's just the really self-critical side of me. I just need to make it a point to not make it self-deprecating.

I had figure drawing today, and I'm so glad I'm taking it. It's going to help me a lot with my gesture drawings for my project first of all, and secondly, it's relaxing.

We started out with quick poses and then went on to longer ones. The first 3 or 4 weeks will be mostly gesture drawing, so I'm really happy about that.

I have a really bad head ache. Paint fumes in the hallway. Blegh.

Blog entries look so awkward with pictures lined up like this =/

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