Wednesday, March 31, 2010


1) I'm a member of this recently created association of filmmakers called Student Filmmakers of India ( I uploaded two of my animated films on there and now I've been selected as Best Director of the Month for April 2010 for my film Trails. It's a small community right now so it isn't that competitive. But it still means something.

2) I have my first big interview day after tomorrow.

3)My parents moved back to America yesterday and I get to reunite with my dog this weekend after so many months.


(update: 04/27

I realized that the link for the Student Director of the Month won't be working after April 2010, so here are some screenshots from their website:

This is along with 2 other people, whose names are there when you scroll down. This is all that my window could fit!

And when you click on my name you get....!

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