Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Ancient Updates

So this is something I never ended up posting last quarter because I was concerned about whether or not I was allowed to. It was my final project for Intro to 2D computer animation. We had to take 90 seconds (or more if we wished) of a song and make a music video to it. This video was solely for the class and I do not own the rights to the music (You Love Me by Kimya Dawson).

We had to use a combination of Flash and After Effects to make this movie.

It was a fairly new experience for me, because I had never experimented with a minimalistic style. I kept being drawn towards making the movements more realistic.

All character and props were drawn and created by me. Except for the backgrounds which were images taken from the internet and edited in Photoshop.

Blogspot butchered the video quality here...

As far as my one-quarter animation is concerned, I am done animating everything. Now I have to go back and fix some of the animations, add some inbetweens to places where I animated on 2's, get rid of distracting scan-lines, etc. Then I'll start editing and have it all done by the 10th week.

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