Sunday, May 23, 2010

looking and listening

I took American Sign Language and Deaf Art & Cinema this past quarter and was taught the importance of visual communication both in terms of everyday communication itself, as well as in terms of cinema.

I also took Audio Concepts for Animation, where the importance of sound being the life and soul of a film couldn't be stressed enough.

I haven't had the time to properly reflect on this.

But here's my final project for the audio class.. I did NOT animate this. Two guys in our class did for the purpose of the assignment.

AUDIO for Animation from Shreyasi Das on Vimeo.

The audio quality has deteriorated a little after uploading. Make sure to wear good quality stereo headphones to experience the truest product of my efforts!! I worked on this with my partner and did the first half of it till the "hell" sequence, while she did the soundscape for the hell scenes. We then looked over, or listened to rather, each others' segments and gave each other feedback. We both recorded sounds in the foley room using a variety of objects not limited to fruits, vegetables, chocolate pudding, mayo, whole punchers, forks and knives, wet t-shirts, rice crispies and so on and so forth.

I think it came out rather nicely!

Also, this quarter, I did all the sound design for my junior friend, Robyn Stanford, (who was also my partner in Audio). She was working on her one-quarter involving dragons and a tea-party and I did all the sound mixing for her. It was received well at screenings, audio-wise as well, and even made it to the Honor's Show! She's given me the kind permission to embed the link to her film here (and forewarns that the colors are slightly off!)

Tea Party from Robyn Stanford on Vimeo.

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