Monday, June 14, 2010


This weekend I was back at Rochester for my first film festival! Bhava Raga Tala got selected for The High Street Film Festival that was held this June 12 at the Dryden Theater in George Eastman House.

This is the first time the festival is being held, and it was started by Matthew and Kate Murphy. Here's an article about it (read it! I'm featured in it too!).

My film was the only animation out of the 11 films that were screened, but it was a great experience. I got to talk to other student filmmakers and some professionals, and my film was received well!

I also started my internship last Wednesday at Humble TV. I know I'll be learning a lot during my time here, but at this moment, I am very intimidated because I am new to some of the software and techniques and I need to self-teach a lot of these things to give these people the right output in the right amount of time. My first three days, I rotoscoped. This is my first time rotoscoping and I think I'm getting the hang of it. Humble TV is working on motion graphics for the 2010 ESPY's right now so it involves rotoscoping athletes and putting them in different environments. My first rotoscoping was Shaun White doing one of his tricks. I'm excited to get my feet wet in some compositing, and hopefully, a lot of new 3D stuff.

Apart from that, my summer's been pretty static. Doing some animating in Maya and hoping to be able to write at least one more children's poem like I did last summer. Maybe it'll inspire me for my 2-quarter too.

Also, I have an IMDb page now for Bhava Raga Tala. :)

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