Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Tale of the Boy and the Butterflies

Hah. A lazy summer day. My attempt at a children's poem.


There once was a little boy of marvelous skill
He could conjure pretty butterflies by the strength of his will
Other little boys teased of his unboyish charm
While silly, girly girls squealed in alarm.

Before an unwanted trip to school, every day
Father chewing his breakfast would spray,
“Son, what is this foolish play?
No more butterflies from you, I say!
The neighbors point, the teachers complain;
No more butterflies from you today!”

Little boy with his head held low
Cried to Mother and begged to know,
“Why, oh why, do they not let me show,
Who I am, and what I do?
Daddy is cross and only says no,
Tell me, oh Mommy, do you hate me too?”

Mother said, “Hush now, go to school!
Nobody hates you, you are not a fool!”

Nobody understood how he felt
All they did was scold and yell.
So little boy, still feeling low
Walked to school, upset and alone.

And as he walked he thought of the unfairness
Bitter thoughts had made him restless
He stomped along, so much rage!
And as he did, the insects scurried away.

His anger was so frightening
The butterflies stopped fluttering
Oh the disaster that a heartbreak brings!
His fury took away the power from their wings

Everywhere the wings of butterflies crumbled
But somewhere close by, something tinkled
Out came a fairy from the bushes
She seemed the kind to grant children’s wishes

“I am the queen of the falling butterflies,” she sang
“You’re hurting my family, you’re hurting my clan.
I know what it is that is hurting you child,
You mustn’t let your sadness drive you wild!”

“Look around you, look what you have done
Your disbelief has caused so much harm!”
Little boy sobbed and said to the Queen,
“Everybody hates the butterflies I bring!”

“You are a special boy my child
Use your magic to wipe away their dislike!
Show them what beautiful things you can do
Show them what the butterflies mean to you!”

“Now run quick to school and do your magic
You can do it if you really, truly wish it!
In yourself you must believe
Use your will, all the troubles will leave!”

Little boy cheered up and thanked the Queen
He ran to school and to his teacher he beamed.
The teacher, however, didn’t look too happy
She sent him to the back, where he wouldn’t be distracting.

He sat in a corner facing the wall
Shut his eyes real tight and quietly called
To the flowers, the fruits, the rivers, the bees,
To summon the butterflies from the tallest trees.

And into the classroom, the butterflies flew
Yellow and green and shades of blue
Never before were so many seen
So many colors, the room now gleamed!

With colorful wings and magical things
The butterflies enchanted every being
The children leaped and the teacher cried
Gleeful cries of wonder and surprise

And one by one, as the butterflies came
Little boy no longer felt his shame
Word had spread and wiped all dread
Everywhere everyone called his name.

Such is the will of a little child
Unusual though he was, he didn’t mind
Everyone was delighted and will never forget
Every little boy and girl is of a special kind!


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