Sunday, September 12, 2010

inspiration tests

Trying to figure out visual styles, etc. etc.

I was pretty much drifting in the air when I sat down to work and plan things out. So I started with doodles and sketches. I have a secret crush on animating credit sequences so I started sketching possible backgrounds for my credit sequence animation (I know, I'm more excited about the credits than the actual film- which kind of got me thinking... but now's not the time to explain that)

So I started with these:

And got inspired to do these...

This is just lambert with occlusion. Initially, when I didn't even have an idea, I thought of this style for simplicity's sake because I had seen one or two student films in this style that weren't super-immaculate with textures and all. But maybe I won't use it.. I just wanted to try it out.

As far as layout, I'm taking inspiration from German Expressionism...

Over summer I had something like this, but now I feel like it doesn't go well with the mood and the personality of my character.

So now I'm going for something more like this:

And now I'm super excited about the film!

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  1. Your work continues to impress me! Hope you are well.