Wednesday, June 17, 2009

decisions decisions.

Ok, so here's the plan.
This blog is going to record my growth (hopefully) as an artist. Hence, all the stuff I do, good or bad, will be up here.
At first I thought I'd be writing about life in general here.
But guess what, I just realized.

Art IS my life.


Glad I got that cleared out.

>> And those random things would be my amateurish pre-cursors to an animation I would like to do sometime in the near future. Inspired by the old couple from UP. I'm gonna work on making them look less scary. I realize it'll take forever to model them. And then animate them!!! Anyway, along with the old man comes a rickety wonky looking typewriter. I see dull yet metallic greens and blues, and lotsof cross hatching. Wait, here is what I see. I'll prolly end up doing a different one for the old man animation. But I do want THIS typewriter somewhere in my works. (It wasn't drawn by me btw)

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