Wednesday, June 17, 2009

so long...and thanks.

So, in order to celebrate the fact that I have finally completed reading the Hitchhiker's Guide, I decided to start doing some random illustrations from random chapters of the book. I got the exact feel I wanted- sketchy black ball point pen drawing with watercolors. BUT I didn't wish for it to look THIS amateurish. Oh well.

This particular one is from the 7th chapter of So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, I believe. It's when Arthur Dent finally comes back to his home in England and discovers a mysterious package among all the piled up letters, which contained a fish bowl in it that had inscribed on it, in subtle silver lettering- "So long, and thanks..". There is, however, one error in the concept, which I just realized- he doesn't put the bowl to his ear until MUCH later in the book. I was actually planning to do that particular chapter before I changed my mind.

Silly me.

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