Wednesday, June 24, 2009


No actually, sublimate. It's so hot!! The one thing I was glad about when I left India was that I could finally escape the heat. But noOoOo. I go to college in a place that has the most inexplicably random (redundant wording? I think it's necessary) weather pattern. And when I'm not in college, I'm with my parents at an equally inexplicably randomly weather scheduled place. I blame my ineptitude at writing meaningful sentences on The Heat.

Anyway- I GOT A TRACING BOX AND A PEGBAR!!!! Now I have to wait till my right arm and shoulder and hips and right leg stops hurting, my eyes stop burning, and my head stops feeling dizzy before I can be-gin.

I had work at HSP yesterday and today the organization is organizing, if you will, their Feed the Kids program. Hence, the organizing part had to begin the day before, that is, yesterday, when I was present- and I was part of it.

I'll start again. Today is the Feed the Kids event (which I am not attending as I don't work there on Wednesdays) where select impoverished families come to the Humanitarian Service Project (where I work) to pick up their pack of food (including veggies, fruits, and CANTELOUPES). So yesterday, I had work there and had to help the volunteers prepare the packs and I was in charge of canteloupes. And canteloupes are heavy, if you didn't know that already. And they start getting heavier when you get to carrying about the 50th canteloupe. In total, there were approximately 180 canteloupes to gallivant around the warehouse with- 2 for each of the 90 boxes. On top of that, there was a powercut. So YAY for that. And I was wearing uncomfy business formal shoes.

Yea yea, it was painful. But it feels good to have done this much at least for all those poor people. Indeed, they're not a part of a really poor county. I think we're like the 47th or 48th poor state in the US. And indeed, their poverty pales in comparison to those lying on the streets of India and Africa and such... But it boils down to this, they all need help regardless of what percentage they represent in a town or state or country or continent, or the world.

So it feels good and it's only my fault I get all tired and sick after a day's hard work. I'm feeble like that. God knows how I'll spend the rest of my life animating.

Right now, college money is an issue.

Here's stuff I didn't have space to post last time. I also got a new sketchbook, but it's pristine at the moment because the right arm is dysfuntional as ye all know. Figures I chose not to post them- they're the worst of the lot, but also the first of the lot so I think I can be excused?

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